A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The only visual novel that relies on frogs existing, “Three Drunk, Pissed-Off Frogs” tells of an asshole wizard, a fatass fighter, and a slimy ratboy as they slowly starve in the ocean after a disastrous pubstomp in Frogeport.

Along the way they sing “The Cuck’s Sonata”, have gold and whores fall from the sky, suck each other’s energy off, drink suicide booze, and discover the power of love and friendship as they go back for a decent goddamn Caesar.


  • Over 9,000 words of tired and emotional amphibians!
  • One whole ending! You don’t have to think!
  • At least two backgrounds!
  • Over three types of frog!
  • A zero–meme guarantee!
  • An all–male beefcake cast!
  • Gay developers! (alright, one’s half–gay)
  • Good for the kids!
  • It’s public domain!


Froge: Writing, directing, being solicited, holding the line.

SheepishGamer: Spending three straight days programming and drawing.

CREATED: For Frog Jam 2017!

Install instructions

Users looking for a faster download may choose the tar.zpaq files instead. They are the same game, only in a smaller size.


The zpzpaq, and tar terminal commands will extract these files for you. Type one of these two lines:

zp x TDPOF-linux.tar.zpaq && tar -xf TDPOF-linux.tar
zpaq x TDPOF-linux.tar.zpaq && tar -xf TDPOF-linux.tar

If these are not installed, type the following command:

sudo apt-get install zp zpaq tar


Good luck.


TDPOF-win.zip 17 MB
TDPOF-win.tar.zpaq 12 MB
TDPOF-mac.zip 15 MB
TDPOF-mac.tar.zpaq 11 MB
TDPOF-linux.tar.bz2 21 MB
TDPOF-linux.tar.zpaq 15 MB


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I'd be hard pressed to call this a visual novel since they're are only 3 visuals in it. 99% of the time I stared at a bland image of the three frogs on a leaf. The dialogue is amateurish at best. I never got a clear sense of the relationship each character had with each other. None of the frogs were relatable, because of this I had no reason to care about their situation. There were some bits of humour that I found funny, but most of it didn't land for me. The main problem with this visual novel is that it's just boring. The soundtrack is just a couple of light strings that constantly loop and as mentioned earlier, you're just staring at nearly blank image for 20+ minutes. I felt like I was being read a bedtime story from a drunk uncle. Actually, I think that would be more entertaining. For someone who critiques games, the creator sure doesn't know how to make a good one. 1/10 for effort.

I appreciate the first bit of legitimate criticism I’ve received in about a year or so, so on the off chance you see this three weeks later (as I haven’t logged into this account in about six months), I’ll just  give a few of my thoughts.

You see, this visual novel was made in three days. That’s not even seventy-two hours; I had to eat and sleep, you know. I got an e-mail to partner up with a friend and fan of mine, and I thought, “What the hell, let’s do it”. So we did it. You’ve seen the result. You didn’t like it, and that’s perfectly fair.

I write my jokes for people who are like me. There are rather few people like me, so I can understand why you would be put off. I’d rather be writing for 15 people who love my work rather than 1,500 people who only kind of like it. It’s because of this that I’m surprised I haven’t gotten more critics.

I’m not in a position to talk about the relationships or dialogue, because I haven’t read the novel since we released it. When I do, I’ll be sure to make a version of it without any visuals, as I definitely wrote it without having any visuals on me.

If you thought TDPOF was boring, wait ’till you read my other stuff. You’ll be asleep before the second sentence.

Deleted post

you know what? i agree with you. this is a good review.