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The Tao of Mario is what happens when the world’s most pissed off games reviewer gets tired of all those professional games designers, who have real jobs and get paid real money, spends two months writing a book about Super Mario Brothers and publishing a bunch of Mario Maker levels in the process.

With over 23,000 words of diatribes about games design, philosophy, psychology, and everything else you’ve never learned from design school, The Tao of Mario is the authoritative source on all things Tao and Mario, which is especially generous given how the book is free.

All of this written by Froge, that furry motherfucker, whose proven track record of years of games writing is in full force in this massive tome. Backed up by The Degenerates, the art collective he founded to organise his sheer amount of thoughts, there is nothing this books lacks for in either ideas or æsthetics.

What the bloody hell are you waiting for? This is the best Mario book you’re ever going to read, and if it isn’t then I’ll go out and write you a better one.


  • Comes with 36 pages of non-stop discourse!
  • Over 20 colour photos from every era of gaming!
  • A custom Super Mario Maker world to enjoy!
  • Neatly organised into four easy-to-read sections!
  • Beautiful typography that other books don’t have!
  • Dedicated to the public domain!
  • No DRM, no bullshit, and no hidden costs!

Wanna read more for even less cost? Check out The Degenerates and read hundreds of free articles from the mind of Froge.

Oh, and do note that the Tao of Mario, though effectively complete up to this point, still has the capacity for additional chapters that will be written as time goes on and money is made. All the onerous advertising aside, please understand this is a personal project written by one gentleman, and that it is likely to be imperfect. In sum: try before you buy.

Release date Oct 01, 2017
Tagsbook, free, mario, Minimalist, nintendo, public-domain
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Install instructions

If you don’t have 7-Zip already installed, you’re gonna need it to unpack the Complete Edition. And for the PDF edition, you’ll need a reader like Sumatra PDF.